First Home Club

Receive up to $7,500.00 towards your first home.

Open a First Home Club Savings Account at United Roosevelt Savings Bank and you can receive up to $7,500.00 grant money through FHLB towards the purchase of your new home based on a 4:1 match of the savings.

It's easy to enroll!

To apply, contact United Roosevelt Savings Bank for an appointment and you will need to bring the following information:

There's No Place Like Home...A Home of Your Own.

Call Today for an Appointment: 732-541-5445

For additional information please contact:
Cam Walther, NMLS NO. 408319 at 732-541-5445, ext. 207

Note: Current annual income must be less than $84,320 for 1 or 2 person households or $96,968 for 3 or more person households for those currently living in Middlesex County. Other income restrictions apply if you live in a NJ County other than Middlesex County